Marfa Mycological Society

The Marfa Mycological Society was founded in 2016 by Lorna Leedy and David Fenster for the appreciation of desert fungi.

Recent Events + News

David and Lorna attended the Radical Mycology Convergence in Mulino, OR October 12-14th 2018 and had an amazing time with other mushroom enthusiasts. David showed his films to much acclaim, we heard some fascinating lectures and participated in a mushroom blitz for DNA sampling of species on the property.

First Meeting Of The Marfa Mycological Society

The First Meeting of The Marfa Mycological Society was an art show at Sandy’s 7-11 showcasing Lorna’s photos and drawings, David’s films, a library of mushroom books and guides and sign up for MMS membership.
MMS t-shirts and patches are available for sale in the Shop