Lorna Leedy grew up on an Island in Washington’s Puget Sound. She met her Park Ranger husband in 2002. They have lived in six National Parks and Monuments over the past sixteen years, most of them remote.

Leedy is an artist, writer, stylist and designer. She started her business, Fancy Pony Land, in 2002 sometimes working out of a van or by solar power. Fancy Pony Land has been featured in national and international fashion magazines and sold in boutiques in the US and abroad.

Leedy has produced and participated in many art shows, performances and events, collaborating often with other artists and friends. She is on the board of the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center and co-founded the Marfa Mycological Society. She has made wedding dresses, tents, a cardboard box maze, Imaginary Funerals and a Tiny Stonehenge. Her books are in the Collection of the University of Washington Special Collections Library. She has contributed to literary and arts magazines since the nineties.

Leedy has worked in film, theater and TV since 1999 in wardrobe and costume design, as well as in fashion editorial and commercial shoots as a stylist and tailor. She has worked in music festival production since 2000 and a great deal of special event production over the years.

She currently lives in a cabin on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park in Washington with her husband and son.

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